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This gorgeous and timeless 4628 sqft Country Victorian style farmhouse is a one of a kind, 3 bedroom plus office, custom home! Del Mar, Solana Beach deliberate on CEA renewable energy options. Under this measure, one person will hire and appoint both the City Clerk and City Treasurer and they won’t have to live in Oceanside. Jones is widely credited with preventing a financial disaster when she refused to sign off on the mayor’s plan in 1999 to place the city’s $100 million investment portfolio in a questionable investment scheme. Measure K In Oceanside, nearly 75% of voters rejected a measure that would change the city’s City Clerk and City Treasurer positions from elective to appointive. Yes: 11,384 - 25%. Shall People’s Ordinance O-10960 be amended to exclude the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan area, which includes the Sports Arena, from the 30-foot height limit on buildings in the Coastal Zone, with any future development still required to comply with other governing laws? OCEANSIDE — On Super Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly decided to keep the city’s existing system of electing its clerk and treasurer positions, rather … Measure L: Shall Ordinance No. Measure … South Bay Union School District - Measure X. Shall the Members of the South Bay Union School District Board of Trustees be limited to three (3) elected terms of office? Shall an ordinance amending the Santee General Plan requiring voter approval for development actions that would increase residential density or intensify land use over that currently permitted by the General Plan be adopted? City Treasurer is an important position that manages our $350 million portfolio. This measure requires approval of a simple majority (50% plus 1) of those voting on the measure. In the materials within the voter pamphlet, you will get to read for yourself and decide independently what is best for you and your city. City of Oceanside, Election Programming, NC Roundtable Angela Miranda February 18, 2020 City of Oceanside, North County Roundtable, Alison St John, colleen o'harra, Dennis Martinek, measure k, Election Programming Oceanside voters will decide March 3 whether they want to relinquish the right to vote for their city clerk and city treasurer, which have always been elected positions. Start turning garden dreams into reality with these January tasks. Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Measure P. City of Santee. Oceanside’s City Clerk Zeb Navarro was appointed to the job by the City Council after the previous city clerk, Zack Beck, resigned to accept a full-time appointment as the city clerk of Escondido. MEASURE N - CITY OF … To provide permanent and supportive housing for extremely low- to low-income individuals and families, including supportive mental health and substance abuse services, for populations including veterans, seniors, the disabled, youth and the homeless, shall the City of San Diego issue up to $900 million in general obligation bonds financed by property tax assessments estimated between approximately $3 and $21 per each $100,000 of assessed valuation for fiscal years 2022 through 2068? Poway bike shop burglarized, high-end bikes stolen. In the early days of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria’s administration, his City Council District 1 community representative, Matt Griffith, was on the phone with leaders of La Jolla’s community planning groups to establish connections. Shall the Ordinance adding Article XVII, Section 2.94 to Chapter 2 of the Oceanside City Code establishing limits of three four year terms whether consecutive or not for the offices of mayor and city council member be adopted? The appointed office-holders would not have to be Oceanside residents and could be required to have minimum educational or professional qualifications. MEASURE K Shall the Ordinance adding Article XVII, Section 2.94 to Chapter 2 of the Oceanside City Code establishing limits of three four year terms whether consecutive or not for the offices of mayor and city council member be adopted? While Measure L, the North River Farms referendum, may be getting most of the attention, two other Nov. 3 ballot measures could have long-term effects on Oceanside. Copyright 2018 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. AND THEN VOTE! 19-OR0729-1, rezoning approximately 176.6 acres in northeastern Oceanside to implement the North River Farms project, be adopted? He signed the rebuttal to the argument for the measure. Shall a proposed ordinance amending Solana Beach Municipal Code to Repeal Current Prohibitions Entirely and Allow Commercial Cannabis (Marijuana) Retailers in Non-Residential Zones and Marijuana Deliveries and Certain Cultivation in all Zones in the City of Solana Beach be adopted? Oceanside City Treasurer Victor Roy was elected to the job in 2018. Two other Oceanside measures appeared to be passing with strong support. “These two positions hold a great deal of responsibility and should not come down to a popularity contest,” said Scott Ashton, CEO of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. The current zoning is Agricultural, potentially allowing 2.5-acre minimum residential lots. City of Oceanside - Measure K Shall the Ordinance adding Article XVII, Section 2.94 to Chapter 2 of the Oceanside City Code establishing limits of three four year … “Independence from the City Council makes them a ‘watchdog for the people’,” Martinek said. Oceanside Measure K, a mayor and city council term limits measure, was on … 19-OR0729-1, rezoning approximately 176.6 acres in northeastern Oceanside to implement the North River Farms project, be adopted? The Oceanside Chamber of … An early morning break-in on Jan. 14 at Poway Bicycle left the store with a broken window and missing $20,000 in merchandise, said owner Louie Ibarra. Measure R. City of Solana Beach. The City of Poway will try to negotiate the cost of participating in a lagoon restoration project. Oceanside’s Measure K, on the March 3rd ballot, asks the Oceanside voters to decide whether the City Clerk and City Treasurer should be appointed to office by the City Manager rather than the current system of election to 4-year terms. Measure K on the March 3 ballot will decide whether Oceanside continues to elect its city clerk and city treasurer. The City Clerk serves as the Election Officer for the City. La Mesa-Spring Valley School District - Measure V. To repair old, outdated classrooms and school facilities, fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing and electrical systems, improve student safety and campus security, and upgrade classrooms, labs, facilities and technology to support achievement in science, math, reading, technology, arts and engineering, shall the La Mesa – Spring Valley School District measure authorizing $136,000,000 in bonds at legal rates be adopted, levying approximately 2.4 cents per $100 assessed value ($7,879,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, with citizen oversight and all money staying local? Shall the Charter be amended to change the process for electing School Board members in the San Diego Unified School District, by providing that voters in individual sub-districts nominate and elect their representative in both the primary and general elections, rather than the current system in which candidates are nominated in individual sub-districts in the primary but advance to a general election in the entire School District? Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceSign Up For Our Newsletters, Copyright © 2021, The San Diego Union-Tribune |. Measure K. In Oceanside, voters are also deciding on Measure K. Measure K asks whether the city manager should appoint the offices of city clerk and city treasurer. Too much power concentrated in one person. One, Measure M, would create a tax on the city’s newly legalized cannabis businesses. Be ready for wildfire by prepping for evacuation, Due to weather, fire captain advises postponing brush clean-up, Poway to negotiate cost for lagoon restoration project. City of Oceanside - Measure K: Shall the Ordinance adding Article XVII, Section 2.94 to Chapter 2 of the Oceanside City Code establishing limits of … Organization leaders say this is not the first time the nonprofit has dealt with scammers using the group’s name. Measure N. Measure Q. Over 100 parents, student athletes and community members gathered at Poway High School on Friday, Jan. 15 for a “Let Them Play CA” rally. Rincon Ranch Community Services District - Measure Z. Shall the Rincon Ranch Community Services District be authorized to establish and levy a special tax override, on all taxable real property within its boundaries for the purpose of providing Funds for repair and resurface of the roads maintained by the District, with this special tax not to exceed Six Dollars per acre, or portion thereof, plus One Hundred Seventy Dollars per parcel of land per year? Oceanside: North River Farms Project One is Measure M, a proposed tax on the city’s recently legalized medical cannabis businesses. I must take issue with Richard Burton’s editorial about Measure K on the Oceanside ballot. The two elected positions there also are part time. Opponents of Measure L say project managers have … If approved by a simple majority of Oceanside voters, Measure K would make both positions appointments of the city manager instead of officials elected by voters to four-year terms, as they are now. MEASURE K - CITY OF OCEANSIDE Establishing Term Limits. What really stood out to me was a 2010 paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research that concluded that ‘an appointed rather than elected city treasurer reduces city borrowing costs by 13 percent to 23 percent.’”. Shall the offices of city clerk and city treasurer be appointed by the City Manager? This measure would have changed Oceanside’s City … Both incumbents have filed papers to run for re-election in November, though the election depends on the outcome of Measure K. COVID-19 health order enforcement still murky, Restaurants continue to defy state, county mandates, Del Mar Horsepark water quality improvements to cost $8 million, Equestrian activities could be suspended for years, Oceanside City Council vacancy attracts a record 36 applicants, Downtown district serves community’s business core, Latest effort to stabilize railroad tracks done in Del Mar, Fourth of six phases completed in decades-long project, Husband accused of stabbing wife jailed after hours-long standoff in Oceanside, SWAT team was trying to get man out of his apartment, according to police, NASA ‘hidden figure’ honors King’s legacy of nonviolent progress, Shelby Jacobs, 85, has always faced racism and discrimination but remains optimistic about the future for Black Americans, Fire crews douse blaze at Oceanside Wendy’s restaurant, The fire at the Wendy’s location on Plaza Drive and College Boulevard was reported at 4:05 p.m. and brought under control within about 20 minutes, Oceanside nonprofit honored for feeding 400,000 meals to needy since pandemic began, This past week, 18-month-old O’side Kitchen Collaborative earned a 10News Leadership Award for its 2020 outreach efforts, Oceanside approves COVID-19 grant program, Affected businesses could get up to $7,500 each, North County parents unite to form group to expedite school reopening, Organization plans to advocate for students in five school districts, Retired Marine band leader debuts symphonic march for Kamala Harris inauguration, Brian Dix, director laureate of the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, premiered ‘Madame (Vice) President’ online Sunday, Graffiti artists paint nearly 50-foot mural in South Park, The 46-foot mural of a moon and dog silhouettes is a nod to the neighborhood’s many pet owners, Second Chance nonprofit warns residents of door-to-door scams in San Diego neighborhoods. Below is a guide to each measure on throughout the county: Click here for more information on each of the ballot measures. Oceanside’s city clerk and city treasurer are part-time positions paid for a 20-hour work week. Opponents include: (Signers of official arguments in bold) Victor Roy, Oceanside City Treasurer On this Edition of KOCT’s North County Roundtable, Alison St John is joined by former Oceanside City Council member Colleen O’Harra & former Oceanside Planning Commissioner Dennis Martinek to discuss the details surrounding the upcoming vote on Measure K. While Measure L, the North River Farms referendum, may be getting most of the attention, two other Nov. 3 ballot measures could have long-term effects on Oceanside. Shall the City Charter be amended to dissolve the Community Review Board on Police Practices and replace it with a Commission on Police Practices, with members appointed by the City Council, its own staff, subpoena power, independent legal counsel, and authority to investigate police officer misconduct, review complaints against officers, and make recommendations on police officer discipline, police policies, and Police Department legal compliance? (Union-Tribune) Measure L – City of Oceanside North River Farms Referendum. To improve student safety and campus security; renovate classrooms and educational facilities; increase internet access; and upgrade fire alarms and outdated electric wiring, shall Dehesa School District’s measure authorizing $3.1 million in bonds be adopted with rigorous independent oversight, annual tax rates averaging $30.00/$100,000 of assessed valuation (raising $193,000/year until bonds are repaid), legal interest rates, annual audits, all funds spent locally and not taken by the state and no money for administrators’ salaries? “I believe citizens are better served when public officials are elected by and responsible to the people they are supposed to serve,” said Dennis Martinek, a retired college professor, former planning commissioner and 40-year Oceanside resident. Cajon Valley Union School District - Measure T. To replace outdated electrical wiring; increase internet access; upgrade fire alarms; improve student safety /campus security; and replace aging portables, shall Cajon Valley Union School District’s measure to issue $125 million in bonds be adopted, extending but not increasing the current tax rate (averaging $13/$100,000 of assessed valuation) and raising $6.2 million annually until repaid with legal interest rates, annual audits, independent oversight, all funds spent locally, no money for administrators’ salaries and qualifying for State reimbursement? “In the case of the city of Oceanside, our treasurer is responsible for a $350 million investment portfolio. Only voters in City of Lemon Grove – Measure J is a blank check tax hike for a woefully mismanaged city. Results are officially certified. South Morro Hills neighborhood farm adjacent to North River Road in Oceanside, CA. Measure K – City of Oceanside Establishing Term Limits. Do you approve The Farm in Poway Specific Plan as adopted by the Poway City Council to amend the General Plan and Zoning Code to allow development of a master-planned sustainable community with a maximum of 160 homes and at least 70.4 acres of permanent open space including community-serving recreational and agricultural amenities, on approximately 117.2 acres at 17166 Stoneridge Country Club Lane in the City of Poway? WATCH LIVE: BREAKING NEWS AND CONTINUING COVERAGE. REMOVING 30-FOOT HEIGHT LIMIT IN MIDWAY-PACIFIC HIGHWAY COMMUNITY PLAN AREA. CHARTER AMENDMENTS ESTABLISHING COMMISSION ON POLICE PRACTICES. Oceanside is a Charter City but follows the California Elections Code, Government Codes and Fair Political Practices Commission regulations in all election matters. 19-OR0729-1 changes the zoning to Planned Development to accommodate the North River Farms project, approved by the City Council, including up to 585 homes, a 24.9-acre commercial village, 68.1 acres of agriculture, and 17 acres of parks/open space. She also was among five residents who signed the ballot argument opposed to the measure. The All Tribes American Indian Charter School in Valley Center was recognized by the California Charter Schools Association for its work educating Native American students. Contrary to Burton’s ranting, Measure K isn’t about the right to vote. San Diego Unified School District - Measure C. CHARTER AMENDMENT: DISTRICT-ONLY ELECTIONS FOR SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS. Councilwoman Esther Sanchez cast the only vote against it. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Oceanside: Term Limits Only voters in City of Oceanside – Measure K imposes common-sense term limits on the Mayor and City Council. Measure K: Shall the Ordinance adding Article XVII, Section 2.94 to Chapter 2 of the Oceanside City Code establishing limits of three four year terms whether consecutive or not for the offices of mayor and city council member be adopted?. This measure has been on the Oceanside ballot before and failed by 85%. Also sign up for our community newspaper newsletters, and CaregiverSD. Shall Ordinance No. “The question is, ‘Should Oceanside’s treasurer and city clerk be under the influence of the City Council who appointed them or the voters who elected them?’”. Carlsbad firm tests hiring program for workers with autism, Pilot program, with eight applicants in a two-week training program, could go nationwide. CITY COUNCIL COMPENSATION Shall Title 2, Chapter 2.04, Section 2.04.010(A) of the Carlsbad Municipal Code be adopted to prohibit city council compensation adjustments from exceeding the amount established by the San Diego Regional Consumer Price Index, to require the city council to either make or waive a compensation adjustment in January of each year, and to prohibit the city council from enacting retroactive increases for years in which the city council waived a compensation adjustment? Yes on Measure K The Oceanside City Council has placed this Measure on the ballot asking voters to decide whether the City Clerk and City Treasurer should be appointed to office by the City Manager. Path to the ballot. MEASURE H Shall the electors of the City of Encinitas adopt the citizen initiative titled “An Ordinance of the City of Encinitas Authorizing Commercial Cannabis Activities Involving Retail Sales, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Cannabis Kitchens and Distribution, and Personal Use Cultivation, Subject to Certain Regulations and Restrictions.”. MEASURE P - CITY OF POWAY The Farm In Poway Specific Plan. The San Diego Repertory Theatre presents the one-woman comedic show “Kristina Wong for Public Office” streaming online with three live performances. Ashton is one of five people who signed the ballot argument in favor of the measure. Roy defeated incumbent Rafe Trickey Jr., who was appointed city treasurer by the City Council in 2017. Supporters say Measure L will create an 88-acre working farm and will generate over $5 million to improve Oceanside schools as well as provide money to fix and widen roads. Subscribe to email newsletters from the Union-Tribune about news, sports, business, opinion and more. City of Oceanside. Beck was elected to the Oceanside position twice. Prius catalytic converters stolen in Carmel Valley. If approved by Oceanside voters this November, Measure L will build a new fire station and provide $7.5 million to widen North River Road and College Bridge, and improve all roads connected to … San Diego Unified School District - Measure D. CHARTER AMENDMENT: PROCEDURES TO REMOVE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS FOR CAUSE AND TO FILL VACANCIES. Oceanside Unified School District - Measure W. To protect quality schools and upgrade aging facilities, shall Oceanside Unified School District’s measure to: upgrade classrooms for science, technology, engineering, arts, math instruction; address school earthquake, fire, health and safety standards; modernize computers and technology; and repair or replace deteriorating roofs, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems; by issuing $160,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, providing approximately $9,100,000 annually, levying 3ȼ per $100 of assessed value while bonds are outstanding, with independent oversight and audits, be adopted? Measure J. Vista school community exploring equity in education, A superintendent’s task force is looking at how schools can root out bias and discrimination in education, All Tribes American Indian Charter School in Valley Center. “Shall the measure amending the Santee Municipal Code to require that no person shall serve as an “Elected Official,” defined to include the offices of Mayor and Member of the City Council, for more than twelve years, or three terms, whichever is less, with any portion of term, whether by election or appointment, counting as a full term, be adopted?”. ‘Kristina Wong for Public Office’ combines democracy with comedy. Text of measure. To fund general municipal expenses such as fire, safety, roads and recreation, shall the City repeal the current cannabis tax and modernize it with a new cannabis or hemp business tax at annual rates not to exceed 8% of gross receipts for retail cannabis businesses, and 4% for all other cannabis businesses; which is estimated to generate $560,000 to $1,120,000 annually and will be levied until repealed by the voters? Home of the Week - 22549 Tombill Rd, Ramona. Oceanside, California, Measure K, City Clerk and Treasurer Appointment Measure (March 2020) Election results. The other, Measure K, … Measure K could switch Oceanside elections to appointments Measure K on the March 3 ballot will decide whether Oceanside continues to elect its city clerk and city treasurer. Pedestrian struck, gravely injured in Mission Valley, San Diego police said a car headed west on Camino De La Reina struck the pedestrian who ran into the roadway near Qualcomm Way, Man arrested on suspicion of assault with deadly weapon after allegedly ramming girlfriend’s car, Oceanside police arrested the 29-year-old man shortly before midnight; the victim wasn’t injured, Brush fire near Agua Hedionda Lagoon forces evacuations in Carlsbad; fire spread stopped at about 3 acres, Residents being evacuated included those on Horizon Drive between Sunnyhill Drive and Hillside Drive, Brush fire that threatened Rancho San Diego homes halted; 15 acres charred, The fire was reported around 12:45 p.m. in brush south of Campo Road near Jamacha Road, Trump’s 11th hour pardon of Duke Cunningham called ‘total disgrace’, Reaction begins to come in on the pardon issued to Cunningham, who served eight years in prison after pleading guilty to accepting bribes while in Congress, Police detain man reportedly carrying long rifle at University City middle school, Police detained the suspect and cleared school buildings, including the library, San Diego scientists hustle to find out if ‘California’ strain of coronavirus poses big threat, The new variant has been showing up throughout the state, including San Diego County, Inauguration fashion: Purple, pearls, American designers, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris showcased American designers at their inauguration Wednesday, Santa Ana winds slam greater San Diego, spreading wildfire and clogging traffic, The winds will fade Wednesday night, but two new storms brewing, Quick, easy Mexican lentil stew packs surprising nutritional punch, The addition of Soyrizo brings tons of flavor and amps up the protein. Carmel Valley Prius owners have been impacted by the unsettling theft of the catalytic converters from their cars, a rising trend in the city. New years bring new opportunities in life and in the life of your garden. Shall the City of Oceanside establish a Cannabis Business Tax not to exceed 6% of gross revenues for Cannabis Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors and not to exceed 3.5% of gross revenues for Cannabis Cultivators to generate approximately $1,900,000 annually, until voters change or repeal the tax, to fund general city services, including enforcement efforts against cannabis businesses operating illegally? MEASURE L - CITY OF OCEANSIDE North River Farms Referendum. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Ordinance No. Measure K. Measure L. Measure M. City of Poway. As the former City of Oceanside City Treasurer, I’m very perplexed and alarmed that both the proponents and the opponents of Measure K completely avoid (or aren’t aware of) the fundamental point that if Measure K passes, the stand-alone position of City Treasurer in the City of Oceanside will be eliminated and its duties will be consolidated into the portfolio of the existing Financial Services Director position. No: 34,472 - 75%. ‘It’s a true passion of mine to serve’: Meet the mayor’s rep in La Jolla, Matt Griffith. A measure also will be on the March 3 ballot in National City to decide whether to switch the city clerk and treasurer there to appointed positions. Measure K: YES. Lakeside Fire Protection District - Measure Y. Shall the Lakeside Fire Protection District measure, repealing existing yearly charges of $10.00, replacing them with a $25.00 special tax per benefit unit, raising approximately $2,480,000 annually, adjusted 2% annually for inflation until repealed by voters, used for designated fire protection services and capital costs, of: Unimproved land - 2 units/acre; Farm parcel - 4 units; Single family dwelling - 4 units; Multi-family/Mobile home dwelling - 3 units; Commercial business - 10 units; Industrial business - 20 units; be adopted? OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – One of the measures on the November 3rd ballot is Measure L, which asks voters to uphold or repeal the Oceanside City Council’s adoption of … Measure K is placed upon the ballot by the Oceanside City Council. Measure L: Neutral. Measure K: YES Oceanside: Term Limits Only voters in City of Oceanside – Measure K imposes common-sense term limits on the Mayor and City Council. IMPERIAL BEACH EMERGENCY RESPONSE/VITAL SERVICES MEASURE Shall the ordinance to maintain fire protection, paramedics, 911 emergency response, prevention programs, neighborhood/community crime prevention; address homelessness; improve natural disaster/medical/emergency response; maintain streets; maintain lifeguard center, parks, community center, youth/after-school/senior programs; other general services, by establishing a 1¢ sales tax providing approximately $1,300,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits, public disclosure of spending, all funds for Imperial Beach, be adopted? October 21, 2020. Measure K: Appointed Offices in Oceanside - Did Not Pass. Yes 54,798 82.6% No 11,520 17.4% . SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- This November, dozens of important measures are on the ballot throughout San Diego County. Shall the City Charter be amended to include the office of School Board member from the San Diego Unified School District under City laws that address removal of elected officials for cause, filling vacancies in elected office, and succession to office? “The treasurer and clerk should be hired by our city manager after a thorough vetting process to ensure that the most highly qualified candidates are selected,” Ashton said by email. The Clean Energy Alliance is thinking about offering a plan aimed at low-income residents and small businesses, although it would provide a smaller percentage of renewable energy. In most other San Diego County cities, the position is an appointed full-time job with a full-time salary. Shall an ordinance amending the Santee Municipal Code to establish a three-term lifetime limit on City Council service and a separate two-term lifetime limit on Mayoral service, be adopted? Poway High School ‘Let Them Play CA’ rally - 01/15/21. GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING. MEASURE M - CITY OF OCEANSIDE Cannabis Business Tax. When Sophie Machado started traveling the world six years ago, she brought back one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing and housewares to remind her of the people and places she’d encountered. It’s about competency and accountability. The Oceanside City Council voted 4-1 last year to place the issue on the ballot. Supporters of an elected city clerk and city treasurer often cite the example of Rosemary Jones, who served multiple terms as Oceanside city treasurer before she died in 2009. Under current law, the City Clerk and City Treasurer are elected by City voters to four-year terms. The city clerk’s annual salary is $24,581 and the city treasurer’s salary is $26,581, according to the city website.

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