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We were a bit wary of ordering online without trying the mattress but after the first night we knew we had made the right choice. We love our ergoflex mattress and pillow. TEXARTIST King Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper 400 TC Cotton Pillow Top Mattress Cover Quilted Fitted Mattress Protector with 8-21 Inch Deep Pocket 4.4 out of 5 stars 12,048 $59.90 Amazingly comfortable from the very first night. Well done to Ergoflex you have a great mattress. I had this mattress for about 2 years now. Tradinional box spring mattresses would not. when i ordered the mattress i received it within 2 days as promised. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue and I was in so much pain. Because of the high quality materials used in this mattress, most sleepers find it to be very comfortable overall. I bought 1 and recommended it to more family and friends. Yes it is warm but I live in Qld and it's hot anyway. Highly recommend them. We have tried chiropractic, soft tops, and pocket springs, but always awoke with discomfort in our backs. Much better than the very expensive matress we had on our bed. I woke up more refreshed and not in pain. Sleeping on quality mattresses our whole life has made us quite picky in this department. It's always pleasure to return home and sleep on a comfortable Ergoflex. The mattress is that good I always wake up late for work.... From day 1, this mattress has been nothing short of excellent. Prompt delivery. Mattress and pillows review - Karin L. Awesome sleeps at our Thanks ergoflex The customer service and follow up, hassle free great price ! I love my Ergoflex mattress! No complaints after a couple of months of use now. Would choose Ergoflex in the future for sure. Strong smell when just opened so we didn't sleep on it for a couple of days but dissipates after a few days. I have had my Ergoflex for almost 2 months and must say that I have had the most comfortable sleeps in years. I was due for a new mattress, so I decided to give it a try. Such an important purchase and I'm glad a took the gamble on this business. No other mattress is quite the same. Firm but soft. We were worried about buying it without trying it first. The Ergoflex mattress is so supportive and yet comfortable at the same time. For the price..... just WOW. Sandvik Nanoflex is Sandvik's trademark for a precipitation hardening stainless steel specifically designed for applications requiring high strength combined with good ductility in the final product. I upgraded to a king sized bed and didn't hesitate about buying another ergoflex - they're great - I don't even know my partner (who is a restless sleeper ) is in the bed! Great mattress. I love my mattress!! Special shout out to David who took the time to call and arranged for our mattress to be delivered much earlier when he heard that our old mattress was hurting our backs. Nine months and still have a smile come bedtime! Both saying it was pleasant, on the firm side yet comfy. The possible ranges for the mechanical properties, in both the cold rolled and aged conditions are indicated below. He can wake up with a bit of a sore back, but not on this mattress. Great nights sleeping. It is almost impossible to feel any motion by the other person in the bed - including the other person getting into or out of the bed. Having now slept on our new mattress for many, many months I'm happy to report that we are both very pleased with how comfortable it is, I am now waking up in the morning feeling far more refreshed than what I was with our old spring style mattress! Literally. We were so comfortable that we checked the mattress brand, Ergoflex, and committed to purchasing one of their mattresses for our new place. Doesn't affect your sleep much if your partner gets up in the middle of the night. Love the mattress I we don't notice when each other is moving in the bed. Nanoflexx Classic Posture Spring Mattress ( Queen ) This is a high quality mattress made of premium knitted fabric with nice quilting and resilient posture spring system to deliver the ideal combination of comfort and support. Simply. High flexibility is one of its most important characteristics. Although the new pillows are not as high as the ones I'd previously bought, we are finding them just as comfortable. My husband and I spent a day testing mattresses in stores, and were about to settle on something with springs even though we didn't really love it, when I did a bit of online searching, had a glass of wine, and decided that Ergoflex sounded just like what we were searching for - a firm basic mattress (without the latex price tag). NanoFlex Pro Kit. Fkn brilliant! When I purchased my Ergoflex King mattress a little over 1 year ago I was just a little sceptical at the number of positive reviews and was interested to see if their was some payment for review rewards plan because "how could something sooo good and reasonably priced, get such good reviews??" At least now, I'm not lying on a torture device while I struggle to fall asleep. 23 likes. Du kan också ansöka alla dagar i veckan, vilken tid på dygnet som helst. It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned and now there is no going back to other types. Heaven. I thought I sank in too much and felt a bit awkward. Anyway, i recently bought a Vono Spinal Care Deluxe Queen-sized mattress for RM1860 (after some discount) and a Goodnite Euphony King-sized mattress for RM1950 (also after some discount). It's seriously so comfortable. Finally purchased a queen size. 【Двері зі штучним покриттям колекціі Nanoflex】в інтернет-магазині ⭐️ TERMINUS.UA ⭐️ Гарантія Великий ассортимент Швидка доставка по всій Україні I handed over my credit card, I was treated so well. We often get into bed and both say.... We love our new mattress. We bought 2 pillows as well, which we love. Highly recommend. Perfect for me. Coronavirus. Best sleep I have ever had. Very comfortable experience overal. It took me about a week to get used to the feeling of memory foam (I even felt nauseous for a couple of days with some initial spinal adjustments) but I am totally convinced that this is the best thing for my body. See latest Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress reviews (page 1) Reviews. Will definitely be recommending ergoflex to more people, and getting another one when we need a new one. Friends of ours took the plunge and bought an Ergoflex mattress and were so happy we decided to follow suit. We did so and have since been incredibly impressed with the high quality mattress and the reasonable price tag. Ahhhh so comfortable! We have had our Ergoflex memory foam mattress since 2013. He even called the day after to let us know there was a one-day delay. Also, the customer service was excellent. Absolutely amazing. Strapping teenager 6'3" (188cm) broad shouldered and solid footy player (100kg +). We’ve had the Queen size 3G mattress for five years now and love it. The mattress is fantastic, and so is the service. Nanoflex 400 is a compact equipment for both decorative and technical applicatio ns. The pillows are ok, no sore neck but a bit too firm for me though. I received great customer service from; placing the order, pending new stock and delivery. Wonderful - I now look forward to going to bed each night! Our sleep has improved dramatically since we started using it and (large sized guy) daily back pains have gone. It's our 3rd ergo flex mattress Very happy with ours and now the kids have ergo flex also. After 3 months I am still not 100% used to it BUT IT IS EXCELLENT and I love it. It has been very comforable and I feel, it gives me great support. Second Ergoflex mattress in 5 years. Thank you for designing and creating such a comfortable and perfect mattress. Ergoflex: The best mattress you will EVER sleep on, Super comfy, but some handles wouldn't go astray. The mattress is incredibly comfortable and conforms to my shape perfectly. Both in combination provide a great night's sleep especially if you are someone like me who suffers from lower back pain. Within a week, he was convinced it was perfect and his back issues resolved. Thanks so much for a great product. Ergoflex Mattress Review Introducing Australia to the online mattress in-a-box concept, Ergoflex has been helping customers sleep soundly for over 10 years. We bought the ergoflex mattress for our guest room and its often commented on about how comfy the bed is. I am now sleeping much better and waking up much better. I guess some people will say it is on the firm side but for me is perfect. Thanks for ana amazing mattress. This high-density memory foam mattress offers orthopaedic pressure relief and uses hospital-grade materials. We bought a King for us & a double for my daughter, only argument is who’s bed is more comfortable! Dealing with Matthew at Ergoflex was also an absolute pleasure, he is a gentleman and provided fantastic customer service. I had been looking at an Ergoflex mattress for over 5 years. The mattress is firm - but super comfy, my husband has had spinal fusion and we always have had an orthopaedic bed - after sleeping on the Ergoflex he has said it is the best nights sleep he has had post op. It's just right. Love love the comfort and support. See more of NanoFlex on Facebook. a no fuss purchase,good communication, delivery, a great product ! We were so smitten, that we soon purchased a second one for our guest room; and have raved about it to anyone who would listen. My partner was getting hip pain, but after about a week on the Ergoflex he doesn’t get the pain anymore! Even after a week I noticed the difference. 1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 a) Rp0.2corresponds to 0.2% offset yield strength. I was somewhat skeptical of the bed in a box thing but with the money back guarantee i thought id give it a try. It is well made and all the support and help from support staff when ordering was appreciated. Would recommend again and again x. I purchased a second Ergoflex mattress for a guest bedroom, and my guests now want one. I have never had a more comfortable mattress to sleep on. I have also upgraded my daughter's mattress to Ergoflex too. I never feel my partner moving in bed now, so no disturbance what so ever! Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Haven't slept so well in years, now waking up without neck / hip pain, wished I knew about you years ago. I am never going back to inner spring. Good experience with the delivery. Great pillows! It's the most comfortable sleep you'll ever have. For my heavier weight 90kg, I find the firmer Tempur is better for me. It is different to an innerspring mattress and very comfy in cold and warm weather. I keep wondering how we can possibly drag our mattress wherever we have to go, or at least convince family and friends to buy a spare Ergoflex mattress for when we visit. The queen mattress is very durable, retains it shape and comfort years later. While we expected the mattress to meet Ergoflex's claims and promises (it did), what we didn't expect was the phenomenal service. But after speaking to Ergoflex we took the plunge. Purchased the long single mattress. She no longer feels if I do have a restless night (thinking about work stress) as that is the nature of the mattress. NanoFlex. Value for money for sure. Very good mattress, comfrtable t sleep on, Amazing mattress & excellent customer service only lost a star for thibgs being out of stock . Bought queen size to try then its wonderful so end up bought king and put the queen in another room. The only problem is we cannot find any other bed comfy anymore and only sleep well at home :). 40 W typical at 90 VAC (4 … If i need any future mattresses i will definitely get another ergoflex. I highly recommend Ergofex matresses. I tell everyone how great they are to sleep on, and a really great price too! Super comfortable and excellent value. The best decision we made was to listen to my physio about Ergoflex. And only just flipped it - not sure why we didn't earlier as maybe thought we shouldn't? We were staying at a friends house for a few weeks and had remarkably good sleep during our stay. It turns out it is the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. The only downside is that when we go away to absolutely anywhere, we will never have the same quality of sleep and that makes going away less appealing. I use the Ergoflex with a 9cm memory foam topper and love it. Whether you are wrapped up on your own or sharing it with a loved one, having a comfortable, supportive mattress for all scenarios is essential to a good quality of life. When I left it somewhere I replaced it with ergoflex pillows and they are so much better. Gift ideas, the best festive food, savings tips, holiday essentials and refund rights. NanoFlex. I love my new mattress. Reviews. Thank you Ergoflex!! The mattress feels just as good as it did the dat we bought it. I've had it for a little over 3mnths, and I couldn't be happier. we love our bed! We are seeking a diligent, experienced electrical engineering professional with a history of successful PCB and embedded system design. I highly recommend giving it a try. It is the perfect mattress, and it has made us feel that every night before we had the Ergoflex could have been more satisfying, had we purchased it earlier. It's not for everybody because my husband said he prefers a stiffer mattress that will hold his weight better. I wake up feeling refreshed with no aches. Life is short.... Sleeping on the perfect mattress has a lot to do with the next day! I was worried that getting an ergoflex would cause an issue here. We both wake up feeling we have had a better night sleep and no back pain when we get up in the morning. And Ergoflex staff provide a great service to New Zealand. 4 years later it the best thing we've done. Ive had it for about 5 months now....and seriously...i cant see myself sleeping on any other type of mattress ever again. Immediately recommended to a friend and he feels mutual too now. Very pleased with the mattress and with the fast shipping. it's a great deal. Comfortable, perfect firmness, not too hot, easy to lift to tuck in sheets... it’s a winner. clean and reliable mattress delivered promptly. We love this product! There were a couple of deciding factors. We now have four Ergoflex mattresses. Comfortable to sleep on and I now wake up less when my wife rolls over during the night. I can not fault the mattress in any way or put the back pain down to that. We had tried the Tempur mattresses and just couldn't justify the price. Recommended and delivery was excellent So very comfortable!!! After learning to sleep on my back on my mattress my nerve pain has completely gone and I have less pain in my back/ hips. This is the second ergoflex mattress that I have bought - and I now own a king single and a European super king mattress. Extremely comfortable. My husband initially found it quite firm but decided to give it a few weeks for a proper trial. I purchased this mattress after seeing The Back Doctor in Brisbane, who recommended it to me, because he had one. Soonafter, I travelled the world for 6 months. Innocor Comfort offers memory foam mattresses sold under the Novaform brand name. I kind of got used to the softness of this mattress. It's a great bed. They got one as well and also love it. good sleep - Michelle R. mattress good. Reasonable price! We're fans! Having slept on this ergo flex Q matress since May, I am very happy with its support and feel. Obviously there are a lot of mattress companies to go with now, so I took time reading a bunch of reviews before committing to ergoflex. Shipping was fast to Port Macquarie. Much, much better for my bad back, very comfortable. I have definitely not been disappointed. Thank you. We are really happy with our Ergoflex mattress. This is the second time I have purchased Ergoflex mattresses and as usual the product and customer service has been excellent. Excellent product. Then you decide. Slumber Search is supported by readers. I do find im alot warmer at night than before.. so have ditched the winter doonas. I was getting pins and needles in my hands and feet when sleeping on my side. Great mattress. Pillows should be part of purchase they make the cloud sleep effect complete ! I bought recently 2 singles for my children. It is really comfortable and seams to mould to your body shape, providing an excellent comfort rating. My partner and I love this mattress. I have recommended it to other boat owners and households, Why haven't I bought this earlier in my life. Avocado Mattress Review | "I was reticent to buy sight unseen. The product is also reasonably affordable compared to the ridiculous prices of other brands. We have bought two of these over the past years & have never been disappointed. I love its 'give' when I roll over, and how easy rolling over is. We also bought the pillows which we sometimes use and the mattress cover. The best mattress ever I have now purchased two of them once you lie on them you fall asleep straightaway. No more back pain and disturbance from my partner. We love our new Ergoflex Mattresd, we've been amazed how comfortable it is and what a difference it makes to your nights sleep not being woken up by your partner's movement in the night. Great mattress and pillows. Just right. That said, it may not be for those that are heavier as there are some reports of the foam compressing over time. Definitely notice the difference when sleeping on another mattress. 531 likes. This mattress is great for those that want a luxury memory foam feel, but don't want to spend the high price of competitive in-store products. Im a new comer to this mattress & absolutely love it. I admit it took a couple of nights to get used to but now we are very compatible together. A house flood meant my mattress was ready for one place, the basement bin room. Delivered promptly and great quality. I love this bed so much. This bed is just so comfy and I loved it from that servings I lay on it. We have had both spring & latex before & this wind hands down for me. ( i have osteoporosis and as a result of that have had alot of broken bones and surgery, even though I'm only 42). A wonderful product. Have recommended to friends and family who are also delighted with their Ergoflex mattresses. The first one we bought in 2011 is still going strong. The first week felt different but not bad. Now wake up pain free from chronic back pain. I have had my Materess for about 8 weeks now and is definitely the best purchase I've ever brought. We have been sleeping on our ergoflex mattress for over 6months now and we have never slept better. Company web site is easy to use. My first experience of lying my the mattress was that I was instantly transported by to a palliasse I slept on which once you had made an impression on it, it stayed like it but my Ergoflex actually did accommodate me and was in fact very comfortable. D F d min. A good quality product and highly recommended! Only reason i didnt give it a five is because of the chemical smell when you first get it. I also bought pillows too and am still getting used to them. Mattress and Pillows Gets 5 Stars from my children, Ergoflex with memory foam topper- just heavenly, Beautifully comfortable, worth every cent. 5 nanoFlex® WTO GmbH I Subject to change without notice Size Item No. Andy, Melbourne. Our queen order was delayed but Ergo customer support were very good at keeping me up to date with a revised delivery time (only 10 days later). Been through the reviews and was hesitant in ordering online without the real feel of the mattress! Took a week or so to get use to it. I would 100% recommended this mattress to anyone and everyone. d max. I have more energy and m no longer having broken sleep. A great nights sleep, no more back pain #fistpump. This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. So glad I did! Memory Foam Mattress Reviews & Ratings You Can Actually Trust . But we were intrigued with the design of the Ergoflex, and were eager to try something new. High quality, high comfort mattress with fantastic customer service. I wouldn't have known until it had to be replaced. With the new bed I haven't had pins and needles once. Feels every time new and fresh when sleep on it. Delivery was the only issue, didn't arrive the day that was planned. It arrived in good time and we are happy with the purchase. Super comfortable and haven't had any back or shoulder pain since. Also, don't worry about the little 'latex' odour after unwrapping, it disappeared quick enough. I wake up in the same position 6 hours later. Love my new Ergoflex. Very comfortable and very pleased AAA +++. and the whole process is exactly as expected. Would highly recommend this mattress and have been telling all our friends how wonderful it is! Cost was very reasonable, love my bed! This mattress is wonderful, no pressure points, and not too soft. Fantastic customer service who were responsive to my questions prior to purchase and quick delivery. Very comfortable, great price, delivered as promised. second time I’ve ordered only gripe I had was they weren’t as thick as original pillows I bought through ergo flex. Forms to the shape of your body and superbly comfortable. On the first nights sleep the benefits were clear, no pain, no tossing & turning when my partner moved. At first, the mattress feels strange to sleep on because it’s not springs, but after a couple nights we started getting a great sleep. Best decision I made buying an ergoflex mattress. Also, amazing packaging. With a chamber dimension of Ø 1000 x 550 mm and a deposition height of 400 mm production of small and medium size objects is optimized. THE BEST BED EVER - Queen Ergoflex mattress. Recently viewed. I cannot thank him and Ergoflex enough for the service and the product. Best mattress we ever used. Very happy with purchase!

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