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Salmiya, Kuwait 452 contributions 178 helpful votes. You guys should too. Best show ever! I like that there is some historical significance to the show. The ones that were not buried there, died along the way. Even if its inaccurate isn’t the end result the same? Enjoy the entertainment but consult the background on your own. The roots of this empire was planted by Ertugrul himself and Osman developed it fully. I am a big fan. Filter. KAYI Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Kayi Tribe Flag IYI Ertugrul Gazi 11 Oz. They fought hard to keep their state Islamic. This is the reason why Turkish people especially draw attention when telling the stories of Ertugrul to the fact that Ertugrul had only 1 wife and never took any concubines throughout his life. Now from what I understand about any movie that is either inspired or based on a true story or events , no matter which, it still is not true. What impressed me was the outstanding acting, characterisation , the makeup , costuming and lack of special effects. @ Saqib: Where is your proof for this slander? We only read the negative side about them as terrorists, cruel, murderers. I take on board the similarity between Christian and Islamic ideals expressed and have a deeper appreciation today of Islamic traditions and reasons for actions taken against those who would attempt to destroy, denigrate or alter devout belief systems. He is also the author of “Ataturk”. Soqman ibn Artuk become famous and a true honour to the late Artuk Bey. The story may not be absolutely true to history and the dialogue translation is pretty grim at times, but the overall impression is one of a well made and professional production. Does anybody knows where I can watch Dirilis Osman?. Gave a lot of insight on the nomadic life. the best series I have watched in a long time. Thank you Directors I love the show. Want to caption or translate video? Also here is the best part, you can watch on Facebook, search for ertugrul online…. bro..just bcoz u don’t like Engin Altan that doesn’t mean we r … whtevr u said…. Season 5 the the girl playing charecter of ilbilge could have been a better looking and better personality she doesn’t suit to her character I am surprised the casting director couldn’t find a beeter one, i love this series i cannot get enough of it , i am rooting for ertugurl, Totally fabricated and untrue story One of my favorite historical figures, besides Bamsi and Turglut is Ibn Arab. Thank you so much. Ertugrul did not rebel against the Seljuk state, but was a vasall up to the end of the Seljuks. Thank you for sharing this article. May Allah grant us death of shared, fighting for his cause. I really love the show and the characters. Thanks! Yüce- Sevim p.164^ Devlet ana = Mother of the state is he a fictional Character or a real person, I think he’s most likely a fictional character. Artuk Bey (died 1091). – Fortunately, truth always prevails! But, main difference was in those days, in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and in europe, rich/rulers were pressing on their people too much, hence in their fight against turks, in many battles they didnt find supporters in their own commoners due to the pressure they were putting on them! S. From Saladin to the Mongols: The Ayyubids of Damascus 1193-1260, SUNY Press 1977, Your email address will not be published. The Qur’an sessions by Ibn Arabi and other scholars are very interesting and really meant to be seen again & again. The name Oghuz is a Common Turkic word for "tribe". Artuk Bey (also known as “Son of Eksük” or Ibn Eksuk) was a Turkish General of the Great Seljuk Empire in the 11th century. First episode I was hooked and was lucky enough to get all 5 seasons from a friend. allahu akbar, That is good but’s not enough. Not made up histories! I wander why this is in the movie. But, got to know lot of information and am coming from India are familiar with little amount of Persian words that are in ample supply when we watched this series. You should try to find out more so that you are not misinformed by the media. I loved it and am doing my own reference. Me too I am tired of the vulgarity of Hollywood. He immediately inherited his father’s position as ruler of Aleppo., Lord Kinross, the British military historian in the Book ‘The Ottomans”….layed out the path of the series where Ertugrul was mentioned a few tiemes acknowledging that at time of book research, Ertugrul had some basis in historical reality despite the current ignroance about him. Are you pleased with yourself? Only 14 left in stock - order soon. I am glad I found this site, because I found out their will be a season 5. Are you going to make season 6 it is a brilliant programme I can’t wait anymore ? It has totally changed my opinion of followers of Islam as being devoted and fair minded people. Many Orthodox communites accepted Ottoman rule because it was better than Byzantium and they adopted the traditions and cultural norms that show they were at peace with choices. I’ve never really been interested watching a movie with subtitles, but I take my hat off for the producers and directors for making this brilliant series Resurrection. It left so much gap in the series and broken heart though I still LOVE the show very much. Many manuscripts have been unearthed from the time of Jesus and the fall of the Roman Empire. ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ is an epic story rooted in the historical events of Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). as if it’s the now in this day and age, with what is going on in the world, politics, greed no respect or tolerance,rich against poor one rule for them and not a thought for pepple,bring on series 5x. Thank yo and congratulations to the entire production and characters. A few years have passed since Ertugrul and his loyalists from the clan have settled right next to the Byzantine Empire. I look forward to enjoying watching Sessions 4 and 5. Information and translations of ertugrul in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. God help anyone that wns against a Moslem . I hope season 6 or maybe more Comes to Netflix soon, Its almost like longing for a lover lol Ive watched Syet and Suri and that was good too but not as good as this one Id like to see more, being a christian has’nt stopped my wife and I being hooked on this fantastic series, it has really brought home home many characters in both muslim and christian teachings are the same, we both believe in one God, both religions believe in the same values, it is a pity the fanatics from the same divide have caused so much sufferings and pain, I just finished season 5. If the Turks were to fight the Mongols in alliance with the peoples of Europe, then their fame would rise up too high. I wish you all get everything here what you are searching for . Do follow my other account @wardah143 His time was in the time of the Crusaders too. VERY HELPFUL…IF THESE ARE HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, THE WRITERS AND PRODUCER OF THE SERIES HAVE DONE A TRULY REMARKABLE JOB …. Al-Aziz was aged just three when his father az-Zahir Gazi died in 1216 at the age of forty-five. THE MOVIE SERIES IS FASCINATING . even though stoy ma be little idealised but if some one wants to know what is the true islam ?????? Thank you everyone for this great work!!!! But it is often said that the children do not walk according to the example of the fathers (ie, of Ertugrul). but thanks to your movie. Where are your references? The season that episode 1 initially had me eye-rolling and clicking away. It helped me understand the history of these people. Ertuğrul or Ertuğrul Gazi (Ottoman Turkish: ارطغرل ‎, romanized: Erṭoġrıl, died c. 1280) was the father of Osman I. Always welcome to ask questions, you can message me and I will try to be of help. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Really good series!!!! In Halima sultana biography where you wrote that. Please tell by commenting. I fail to see what’s so wrong about that as to make you call the fans insolent lol! After which europe realized and united against and fought and played games against turks almost similar to this series! The subtitles were exasperating, but I picked up the gist of it. I have learned so much about love, respect, trust, loyalty, ambition, and determination. I loved this show. Savci was a title given to the persons who were performing an administrative or diplomatic duty withing the tribe. By battling his enemies with strength and bravery, Ertugrul consequently plants the seed that would lead to the founding of the Ottoman Empire, which spread across three continents and ruled for six centuries.Watch the new episode online every day. Ertugrul 1890 (125 Years Memory) Movie. The name of Savci in the movie is actually Saru Batu. I watched the series two times now and will probably watch it again. Maulana Rumi: 66 yrs Excellent, I m more absorb now watching know9ng the history. This is a must see series to put on the bucket list. Loved all 5 series and episodes. Than you shouldn’t be watching it with that type of attitude, this is not your everyday bs show, this is true history, facts matter . I do not know that……Ertugrul has strong Faith…. I am totally enthralled by the show but like to know facts. Nope they had 3 sons.. but the confusing comes due this show. as there are bad muslims, good christians, there are bad christians and good muslims too… depends on which choices you make, selfish? Tune in to PTV's flagship entertainment channel PTV Home at 7:45 pm every day to be the first to watch. Please vote for Donild Trump to save the world and be the greatest Warlord in history! Our intuitive subtitle editor is free! he is just Amazing, I haven’t seen any research work from your side, what ever they have showed in Ertugual Series you summarized and jot down in your words…. I now hear that there are two more seasons (I hope I heard correctly) and I am so excited to keep watching.

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