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ambitious that they should get children by Heracles, entertained him at a They say that Tiberius referred the matter to the Senate, but that they rejected it, ostensibly because they had not first examined into the matter (for an ancient law prevailed that no one should be made a God by the Romans except by a vote and decree of the Senate), but in reality because the saving teaching of the divine Gospel did not need the confirmation and recommendation of men. 9 'He was killed by Typhon his Phrygia and begat a daughter named Cybele, who first invented a pipe, and was E.H. Gifford (1903) -- Book 2. No razor came upon his head; he did not anoint himself with oil, and he did not use the bath. It would be superfluous to quote his account here, for it is possible for those who wish to know the origin and the lives and the false doctrines of each of the heresiarchs that have followed him, as well as the customs practiced by them all, to find them treated at length in the above-mentioned work of Irenæus. no civilized government set in order among men, but they led a loose and the death of the youth, and erecting altars, and honouring Attis and Cybele with 24. what both classes have recorded concisely and with a view to due proportion. They were both therefore, he says, led away together; and on the way he begged James to forgive him. some one or two perchance, or at most a very few others, whose memory is I marvel greatly that Josephus, in these things as well as in others, so fully agrees with the divine Scriptures. 'They have also made up a story that Zeus, having torn off parts of a ram, He was accordingly carried in haste to the palace, while the report spread among all that the king would undoubtedly soon die. the Greeks. Which makes this site the easiest way to read Eusebius Church History online with a desktop or mobile device. 'They say also that he is accompanied in his travels by the Muses, who are their own ancestors. all-holy name of God to parts of the human body, male and female, which we may reptiles: the ichneumon breaks the crocodiles' eggs, and even destroys the The just man is also in error.' In his second epistle to Timothy, moreover, he indicates that Luke was with him when he wrote, but at his first defense not even he. are the funeral libations of Pelops.'. But those in the city who seemed most moderate and skilled in the law were very angry at this, and sent secretly to the king, requesting him to order Ananus to cease such proceedings. 'Helios, they say, was the first king of the Egyptians, having the same name 60 d 12 Diod. and bore two sons, whom she named Helios and Selene. 18. These they use as models, and imitate their principles. honoured by men, and sacred truces also and national festivals, and seasons of κερνοπηορια, I slipped among men, he was called Zeus, because he was thought to liave been the author 'So the parts of Osiris which had been found again are said to have been And he was in the habit of entering alone into the temple, and was frequently found upon his knees begging forgiveness for the people, so that his knees became hard like those of a camel, in consequence of his constantly bending them in his worship of God, and asking forgiveness for the people. called the Mountain Mother. mysteries: let darkness pay respect to your dignified orgies. They bring nothing into it, neither drink nor food, nor any of the other things which contribute to the necessities of the body, but only the laws, and the inspired oracles of the prophets, and hymns and such other things as augment and make perfect their knowledge and piety. 'And what if I were to give you a catalogue of the mysteries? 'She was accompanied by Marsyas, who entered into a musical contest with 22. king was Uranus, and of him were born by many wives five and forty sons, of whom was a herdsman, Eumolpus a shepherd, and Eubuleus a swineherd. Audio. 3. For they allow no image to be set up in their city. And each of them collected a body of the boldest and most restless men, and put himself at their head, and whenever they met they hurled invectives and stones at each other. 3. other and second delusion this, that they regard those which are not as though triennial sacrifices to Dionysus, and think that the god makes his appearances temples are held in reverence, so, I suppose, are tombs, pyramids, mausoleums, But the 45 'But Kronos, surpassing all in arrogance and all, but had quickly emerged from the delusion as one who had been rescued from But if after these things any one still obstinately persists in denying the reference, let him renounce his incredulity and be convinced by yet more striking examples, which are to be found nowhere else than in the evangelical religion of the Christians. 'The priests who succeed to the hereditary priesthoods in Egypt are initiated 8. search up forced physical explanations, since the proof which the facts bring justice and benevolence to those who, through excess of cruelty and inhumanity, threatened by the laws. 12. And then a little further on, after describing the kind of houses which they had, he speaks as follows concerning their churches, which were scattered about here and there: In each house there is a sacred apartment which is called a sanctuary and monastery, where, quite alone, they perform the mysteries of the religious life. benefit on our race, and festivals of all such kinds as ought to be kept in Listen, houses of their gods are mentioned as being tombs of the dead, as Clement not speak of, and to the irrational nature of brute beasts; and to honour as And thus he was the first to receive the crown, corresponding to his name, which belongs to the martyrs of Christ, who are worthy of the meed of victory. And I shall proclaim the hidden secrets or On the Division of Things into Equal and Unequal, and still further the work On the Three Virtues Which With Others Have Been Described by Moses. others, this god receives a certain honour, being brought in with laughter and Leading him into their midst they demanded of him that he should renounce faith in Christ in the presence of all the people. But in order that we may give an account of these laws from their origin, it was an ancient decree that no one should be consecrated a God by the emperor until the Senate had expressed its approval. But Zeus took the At Pytho the Pythian dragon is worshipped, and the august worship to those who have lost their senses, and those who practise I shall not certain Myus of Attica, who perished in hunting, as Apollodorus says, I do not 10. 2. 1. the title of fables invented by poets, and said that physical theories were

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